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Your TV Guide to the Week - July 27th, 2020

Love’s Kitchen

Title: Love’s Kitchen
Length: 1hr 33min
Mood: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Director: James Hacking
Starring: Dougray Scott, Sarah Sharman, Katrine De Candole

Rob Haley, an up-and-coming chef and restaurateur in London, is grief-stricken when he loses his wife. He 'retires' to the countryside with his young daughter where he transforms a typical pub into a food-lover's paradise and also meets a food critic Kate Templeton who challenges his life expertise. He takes interest once again in creating dishes which are unique and scrumptious to impress her, and also win her heart.

The Pledge

Title: The Pledge
Length: 2hr 4min
Mood: Crime, Drama, Mystery
Director: Sean Penn
Starring: Jack Nicholson, Benicio Del Toro, Patricia Clarkson

On the day of his retirement party, Jerry Black, a Nevada police detective is startled by news of the brutal murder of a young girl. He takes it upon himself to deliver the devastating news to the victim's parents and the grieving mother begs Jerry for answers. Unable to step aside, Jerry swears on his soul to find the killer.

Boone: The Bounty Hunter

Title: Boone: The Bounty Hunter
Length: 1hr 26min
Mood: Action, Drama
Director: Robert Kirbyson
Starring: John Hennigan, Kevin Sorbo, Nancy Berggren

Fame-seeking reality show bounty hunter Boone attempts to bring down a drug lord and his empire, but soon uncovers more than he bargains for when a bounty is set on his own head. He then begins to learn that justice means more than ratings.

The Wrong House a.k.a House Hunting

Title: The Wrong House a.k.a House Hunting
Length: 1hr 42min
Mood: Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Director: Eric Hurt
Starring: Marc Singer, Art LaFleur, Hayley DuMond

Two different families are searching for the perfect house to call home. What starts off as a normal house hunting trip soon turns sour when, on the road to the particular house in question, one of the families almost run over a young girl running out of the woodland. Discovering her tongue cut out, they soon realize that maybe the house isn’t the best place to be. After driving away from the property and through the woods, they all end up outside the house again and come to the grim realization that there is no escape and that something evil is afoot that is refusing them to leave.

Shark Lake

Title: Shark Lake
Length: 1hr 32min
Mood: Action, Adventure, Crime
Director: Jerry Dugan
Starring: Dolph Lundgren, Sara Malakul Lane, Lily Brooks O'Briant

When a black-market exotic species dealer named Clint is paroled from prison, something he let loose begins to make its presence known. Swimmers and land-lovers alike begin to become part of the food chain at an unbelievable rate. Meredith Hendricks, a cop in this quiet town and her team discover that there’s actually a whole family of sharks residing in the lake.


Title: Containment
Length: 1hr 17min
Mood: Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Director: Neil Mcenery-West
Starring: Louise Brealey, Sheila Reid, Lee Ross

When Mark, a failed artist estranged from his wife and son, wakes to find the doors and windows of his flat sealed shut. He sees mysterious figures outside wearing protective suits - 'Hazmats' and infiltrate his building and begin snatching residents. The residents soon realize there’s an epidemic break out and they will all die unless they come together.

State of Affairs S1E13: Deadcheck

Title: [State of Affairs S1E13: Deadcheck]https://www.freetv-app.com/channels/webChannel-8b745278c83e8d5c9e3bc616aa557569 "State of Affairs S1E13: Deadcheck")
Length: 43 mins
Mood: Drama, Thriller
Director: Joe Carnahan
Starring: Katherine Heigl, Alfre Woodard, Adam Kaufman

Charlie quits the CIA in a bid to locate and kill Omar Fatah in the series finale with the President’s support and 7th team floor. Also, President Payton faces adversity over threats that secret information will be publicly released; and the team gathers to help an off-the-grid Charlie.

Blindspot S5E11: Iunne Ennui

Title: Blindspot S5E11: Iunne Ennui
Length: 43 mins
Mood: Action, Crime, Drama
Director: Martin Gero
Starring: Sullivan Stapleton, Jaimie Alexander, Audrey Esparza

It has arrived. Iunne Ennui, the one hundredth episode, in the Blindspot series finale is the perfect bookend to a great series. Jane begins suffering hallucinations even though Patterson creates an antidote to combat the zip. And these visions, if not treated, could ultimately kill her. What will happen to Jane in the end?

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