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Your TV Guide to the Week - August 3rd, 2020

I Want Candy

Title: I Want Candy
Length: 1hr 27min
Mood: Comedy
Director: Stephen Surjik
Starring: Tom Riley, Tom Burke, Carmen Electra

Two film students, Baggy and Joe are enrolled in film school. They recently completed a script that they plan to shoot for their graduation thesis, and want to use it to break into the British movie industry. They head to London where they attempt to solicit the interest of producers in the script - but they only succeed in catching the eye of a porn mogul, Doug Perry who agrees to finance the project if and only if they will turn it into a porno feature and talk ingénue Candy Fiveways into starring.

A Long Way Down

Title: A Long Way Down
Length: 1hr 36min
Mood: Comedy, Drama
Director: Pascal Chaumeil
Starring: Pierce Brosnan, Toni Collette, Imogen Poots , Four lost souls - a disgraced TV presenter, a foul-mouthed teen, an isolated single mother and a self-centered muso - decide to end their lives on the same night, New Year's Eve. When this disillusioned quartet meet unintentionally at the same suicide hot spot, they agree to call off their plans for six weeks, forming an unconventional, dysfunctional family, becoming media sensations as the "Topper House Four" and search together for the reasons to keep on living.

Touchy Feely

Title: Touchy Feely
Length: 1hr 28min
Mood: Comedy, Drama
Director: Lynn Shelton
Starring: Rosemarie DeWitt, Ellen Page, Josh Pais

Abby, is a sought after massage therapist and a free spirit, while her brother Paul runs a flagging dental practice and co-dependently enlisting the assistance of his emotionally stunted daughter Jenny. Suddenly, Abby unable to do her job when stricken with a mysterious and sudden aversion to bodily contact, and on the other hand, rumors of Paul's "healing touch" begin to miraculously invigorate his practice as well as his life outside the office.

Train to Busan

Title: Train to Busan
Length: 1hr 58min
Mood: Horror, Action, Thriller
Director: Sang-ho Yeon
Starring: Yoo Gong, Yu-mi Jung, Dong-seok Ma

A group of terrified passengers fight their way through a countrywide viral outbreak while trapped on a zombie-filled blood-drenched bullet train ride to Busan. A cynical workaholic and divorced father tries to get his daughter safely to Busan to spend her birthday with her mother.

The Sorcerer and the White Snake

Title: The Sorcerer and the White Snake
Length: 1hr 40min
Mood: Action, Fantasy, Romance
Director: Siu-Tung Ching
Starring: Jet Li, Shengyi Huang, Raymond Lam

When a master monk meets a thousand-year-old snake, its a contest of psychic and physical powers. What's worse is that a naive young physician falls in love with the white snake disguised as a woman. Only the monk discovers her true identity and its up to him to save the young man.

Bel Canto

Title: Bel Canto
Length: 1hr 40min
Mood: Drama, Music, Romance
Director: Paul Weitz
Starring: Julianne Moore, Ken Watanabe, Sebastian Koch

A famous soprano travels to a military dictatorship in South America to give a private concert at a party for a wealthy Japanese industrialist. Just as the glittering gathering of diplomats and politicians convenes, the mansion is taken over by a guerrilla rebel group demanding the release of their imprisoned comrades. While they are confined to the house, the hostages and their captors, who speak different languages, are forced to find ways to communicate. Music sparks a shared sense of comradeship and even love, uniting the disparate housemates as they form unexpected bonds, overcome their differences, and discover their shared humanity.

Dracula S1E10: Let There Be Light

Title: Dracula S1E10: Let There Be Light
Length: 41 mins
Mood: Drama, Horror, Romance
Director: Tim Fywell
Starring: Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Jessica De Gouw, Thomas Kretschmann

In the season finale, it's Grayson’s final act of revenge, Mina’s indecision and ultimate choice, and Lady Jane’s attack and discovering of Grayson’s true identity. Van Helsing also prepares to cut all ties to Dracula while he follows his own plan to get his revenge on Brown for killing his family.

American Gothic S1E22: Strangler

Title: American Gothic S1E22: Strangler
Length: 43 mins
Mood: Drama, Horror, Thriller
Director: Doug Lefler
Starring: Gary Cole, Paige Turco, Sarah Paulson

After another run-in with Merlyn, Sheriff Buck conjures up the spirit of the Boston Strangler, Albert DeSalvo, to deal with her once and for all. But DeSalvo has an appetite for some other females in town, including Gail. Lucas goes off to a convention out of town, meanwhile, and Ben fills in as sheriff.

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