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Wizard Quest: Learn Magic

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A boy named Peter enters a world of castles, wizards and good and evil never to be the same. Peter has been chosen by a twist of fate to save the castle of Chancemoor, along with the great wizard, Alyosious, the charming hobbit, Shanakzoot, and the beautiful queen, Isadore, from certain destruction at the hands of an evil wizard. Peter will accomplish his task only if he learns to master the magic tricks that will help him fool the clever Zandor of Stumbleswake. Learn magic along with Peter as he prepares for the biggest challenge of his life. Will he accomplish this heroic deed, and save the lovely castle of Chancemoor? Wizard Quest is an exciting adventure story, which contains 6 magic tricks, each performed and explained by a professional magician. The instructions are clear and easy to follow, and can be accomplished with common items found in most households. With this program, you’ll soon be performing magic tricks that will amuse and confound your family and friends.

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Wizard Quest: Learn Magic