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UAP: Death of the UFO

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When the infamous Project Blue Book was terminated, the military vowed that they were no longer investigating the phenomena and the UFOs posed no threat to national security. However, in 2016 whistle blowers revealed a secret program the Pentagon was conducting on UFOs and UAPs with three fascinating videos shot from US fighter planes and radar technicians. Now we know the clandestine programs have continued all along and perhaps have gone even deeper than ever before to purportedly include the collection of physical materials. In order to hide the truth one must also hide the very nature and even the name of the truth and so the well known acronym UFO was deliberately changed to UAP seemingly in an effort to make the evidence harder to discover. Explore the time line of events that have changed our world forever right before our very eyes. We now know UFOs/UAPs are not only real but that they exhibit earth shattering abilities far beyond our own.

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UAP: Death of the UFO