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Time Machines: An Analog Obsession

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A quick search yields hundreds of explanations of what a mechanical watch is and how it works, but the more compelling question is much tougher to answer: Why are so many people obsessed with them? Time Machines dives into the implausible endurance of the mechanical watch, shedding light on the psychology behind a universal allure that has transcended generations and cultural boundaries for centuries. Featuring interviews and commentary from: Dr. Andrew Dillon, V.M Daniel Professor of Information and Professor of Psychology, a published human behavioral expert who has studied humankind's trait of collecting extensively. Daniel Dae Kim, an award-winning actor, director, and producer, as well as an enthusiastic watch collector. Nicolas Stecher, Senior Editor of Maxim magazine, who writes on lifestyle and luxury with an intimate understanding of trends and the high-end consumer space. Eric Wind, owner of Wind Vintage and an awarded expert in horology, who is cited in Fortune, The Chicago Tribune, The New York Times, Robb Report, and more.

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Time Machines: An Analog Obsession