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The Roswell Coverup: 75 Years Later

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Conspiracy, cover-up and condemnation... Those brave enough to share their stories from that mysterious night in Roswell 1947 faced humiliation and intimidation. 75 years later, as all those who had first hand knowledge of the event have now passed, the truth may never be accepted. We take a look back at the first hand accounts of those who saw, held and were instrumental in disclosing what the government could not, the crash of an alien spaceship. Diluted over the years, this documentary re-examines and focuses on the personal experiences, from witnessing a close encounter to traumatic military threats, which the ordeal had on unwitting bystanders within the Roswell community. Sucked into the story stuck in time, hear first hand accounts from Jesse Marcel, Frankie Rowe, and Walter Haut, on what transpired into the greatest ufological mystery of the century. Along with expert analysis from Kevin Randle (retired USAR) and Kent Jeffrey (coordinator of The Roswell Initiative). Something definitely crashed into the desert of Roswell New Mexico, the air force maintains it was a weather balloon, the eyewitnesses store their belief in a cover up. Who do you believe? Are you being deceived?

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The Roswell Coverup: 75 Years Later