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Portraits of Colorado

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When Emmy-award winning composer Charles Denler was commissioned by the Colorado Symphony to write a modern symphony based on the beauty of the Colorado he immediately had a clear vision for where he wanted to go with the music. A film-score composer by trade, this score would be inspired by images of towering snow capped mountains, morning sunrises of shimmering pinks and sunsets of peach and dark red...deep blue carpets of summer Columbines stretching across the massive mountain landscape and fall Aspens afire with gold and red...and the sounds of crashing waterfalls, the hoof beats of wild horses running the plains and the magical silence of a gentle snowfall. All this put to music. To boost his inspiration Charles discovered the work of renowned landscape painter Jerry Malzahn, who specialized in Colorado landscapes. Mr. Malzahn notable work has found its home in The White House, United States Navel Academy - to name a few - and now his work and Charles music would find symbiotic inspiration. Richly performed by the respected Colorado Symphony and Chorus and conducted by Scott O'Neil, "Portraits of Colorado" is what Colorado sounds like.

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Portraits of Colorado