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Paul Suggitt: Surviving Homeless

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Over the course of a few week's filmmaker and extreme adventurer, Paul Suggitt made himself homeless to film a documentary of what life is like living on the streets and the impact it can have on a person. From turf wars, violence between the homeless, violence towards the homeless, true stories from homeless people on how they manage to live day-to-day, and the reaction to the homeless from the public, living on the streets is very tough. Covid has reduced the footfall of the public on the streets and in town centres, so "tapping" produces little money for the homeless to buy food, and those generous members of the public who buy food for the homeless are not around like they used to be. Homeless charities are reporting record numbers of people needing help with food, clothing and accommodation, so what is it really like to live on the streets? All homeless people featured in the documentary were provided with support outside of filming to help them find accommodation and they were provided with a dedicated outreach person to liaise with the authorities on their behalf.

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Paul Suggitt: Surviving Homeless