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Misconception of a Father

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"Misconception of a Father" is the story of a group of fathers who struggle to overcome many obstacles throughout their lives. Terry struggles with the loss of his only son to the senseless violence of the streets, while trying to mend the relationship with his estranged wife and adolescent daughter who both need and want him in their lives. Tony is faced with how his past decisions are now affecting the developing relationship with his teenage son, while fighting for his dignity as a changed man in today's society who deserves another chance at life. Frank's alter ego has shattered the once loving bond he shared with his fiancée once she discovers things are not what they appear to be. Even though the trials and tribulations of these men have them bound from their past they must find it within themselves to stay steadfast and unmovable. They are never left alone because of the love and loyalty of the women in their lives who uplift and remind them of who they are, and not who society says they should be.

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Misconception of a Father