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Martin Luther King Jr: Enough is Enough

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Martin Luther King Jr. was one of the most important figure in History. He dedicated his life to support a cause that he strongly believed in: equality in rights and the end of the segregation and discrimination of Black People in the America. He had a dream that all inhabitants of the United States would be judged by their personal qualities, and not by the colour of their skin, and he hoped that America could become a society where race would not impact a person's civil rights. His work and legacy have impacted the world. He believed that with faith, they could overcome anything and make the world a better place. He was an extraordinary leader with vision and ambition. He would fight tirelessly until his last days against injustice, for the freedom of black America, and for the good of humanity. He was a hero of wonderful inspiration, courage, and eloquence. By fighting for his dreams and against injustice, he powerfully impacted generations and he changed the world.

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Martin Luther King Jr: Enough is Enough