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Climate Crisis: Extinction

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Over the years, planet Earth has gone through many natural cycles. Today the world is changing once again, but this time mankind is accelerating the cycle. We are causing the world to heat up. Extinction levels are accelerating faster than that of the dinosaurs. Nature is declining globally at rates unprecedented in human history. Wildlife is in catastrophic decline due to human destruction. Our Earth, and millions of species are at risk. We are wrecking our world - the one place we call home. Without urgent action, it will continue to get worse. Of course, some factors are beyond human control. But with our knowledge and technology, we can still act to reduce our impact on the climate. And only ambitious climate action can make that happen. All countries must come together. The climate crisis is here, and the sixth mass extinction of wildlife on Earth has started and is accelerating. We need to act fast, or there will be catastrophic consequences for the people and the planet on which we depend.

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Climate Crisis: Extinction