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You Hittin Dat?

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Relatonships have never been easy. That’s why it’s definitely not a good idea to manage two at the same time. Meet Juhahn, an up and coming comedian and social media star on the rise. He’s been in a committed relationship for seven years in which him and his beautiful girlfriend Mona lived together. Until she becomes fed up with his ways of childhood crossing over into adult hood. Mona wants Juhahn to step up and be the man in her life that’s more stable instead being a starving artist who’s trying to figure it out. Mona moves out of the house leaving Juhahn with half the rent that he can’t afford, but out of consideration Mona gets her cousin Airiel to lease her half of the rent until she figures out if having a future with Juhahn will happen. This all seem very tragic but also very simple for Juhahn to maintain until further notice except for we forgot to mention that Airiel is drop dead gorgeous and a huge flirt.

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You Hittin Dat?