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Structural Amendment

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In Ica, during the year 1937, Lucio Sanchez, a piano teacher, suffers from alcoholism but can't bear being a loner, and so decides to rebuild his life. Beatriz, one of her students who has recently widowed, feels neglected. Yet she is attracted emotionally by Lucio. At the same time, Raquel, also a student of Lucio and daughter of Don Erasmo, a bankrupt Nazi fanatic, plans to assassinate her father and Lucio using arsenic during her piano lesson; she cannot tolerate receiving orders from other people. To get out of economic ruin, Don Erasmo pressures Rachel to marry Martin, a prosperous Jewish landowner, for convenience. After Lucio is poisoned by Raquel, he continues giving classes and visits Beatriz, who confronts him over his addiction. He decides to avoid Beatriz, leaves her house and later falls to the ground, victim of the arsenic. Worried, Beatriz decides to follow Lucio and is able to save him in time. Raquel, led by Don Erasmo, visits and seduces Martin, and then poisons him. Then she leaves Ica. To this day, the police have not been able to capture her.

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Structural Amendment