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Our Precious Hope Revisited: St. Louis' Little Jane Doe

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As the 40th anniversary of the horrific discovery of a beheaded little girl in the basement of an abandoned building in St. Louis approaches, director Edrar "Bird" Sosa (Our Precious Hope: St. Louis' Little Jane Doe Revisited) re-examines the gruesome details of the near 40-year-old cold case. The horrific details regarding the discovery of the body of St. Louis' Little Jane Doe begins when two men entered a vacant building and discovered the decapitated body of little girl in the basement area. The body of the unidentified girl was found lying on her stomach. She was partially nude, wearing only a yellow sweater, and her hands were bound behind her back. Upon initial view of the body, the detectives at the scene assumed that the body was a dead prostitute. However, when the body was turned over, they discovered that it was a prepubescent girl. At that time, the local police searched the area for the girls missing head, any possible witnesses, and for the murder weapon. None of which were found. Upon examination of the body, the coroner's office made the determination that the unidentified girl was in the age range of 8 to 11 years old. It was also discovered that she had been sexually assaulted and her death was ruled a homicide. As detectives proceeded to investigate the case, they checked with local schools and inquired if any children had been reported missing. They had not. With no reliable leads, investigators began working with psychics, hoping that the unusual collaboration would lead to some clues that would help solve the case. It was during this time that two main pieces of evidence were sent to a psychic television show. The items were never returned to investigators and were presumed to have been lost in the mail. Eventually, the case went cold. Many years later investigators attempted to re-open the case. They decided to exhume Little Jane Doe's body to obtain a better DNA sample. However, they were unable to do so upon discovering that her headstone had been placed on the wrong grave. Little Jane Doe's body was presumed lost until a group of research students from a nearby university took interest in the case and attempted to locate her using 2D Calibration. Sosa's documentary seeks to provide answers to questions regarding the use of modern-day technology to help identify Little Jane Doe and the person(s) responsible for her death. The documentary also examines newly discovered information regarding the case as well as inaccurate information that had been previously reported which are sure to shock viewers.

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Our Precious Hope Revisited: St. Louis' Little Jane Doe