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Obsessed With The Dress

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Obsessed with the Dress is the inside look at selecting the ultimate gown that can either make or break a pageant girl’s hopes of clinching the crown. Michele Strom, owner of the Winning Crown Boutique and former beauty queen, balances the demands of a high-maintenance clientele and in-store conflict among her highly competitive beauty queen staffers.

Michele Strom dresses winners and has dressed countless crown holders, including Miss America 2011. Not only is Michele’s shop the ‘go-to’ pageant store of Omaha, Nebraska but , she is also a premier pageant coach and make-up artist. Michele’s special brand of tough love includes the brutal, honest truth. For Michele, losing is not an option.

Michele knows it takes a winning eye to spot a winning dress, and that’s why she hires winners in her store. Her staff of pageant queens have been handpicked for their specific skills and knowledge. These ladies know all the top insider tricks; from accessories and butt glue to Spanx and cutlets that help make the pretty, well, prettier.

Having pageant queens working in a professional environment can also be a recipe for disaster. They must keep their egos and attitudes in check in order to deal with demanding pageant clients. On Obsessed with the Dress, the pageant world is highly competitive and so is Michele’s staff. And like Michele, her staff will do whatever it takes to win.

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E1: The Gown Gets The Crown


E2: The Competition Never Ends


E3: Shop Shakedown