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Adolf Hitler: Pure Evil

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There have been many evil men in the history of the world including serial killers, rapists and mass murderers - but none of them as extreme and as monstrous as Adolf Hitler. He dominated the hearts and minds of the German nation and catapulted them into infamous world history. When Hitler rallied the nation, his oratory was so spellbinding and powerful that many claimed he was possessed. When he lifted the spear of destiny he knew that he held the course of human history in his hands. Occultists claimed that Hitler was possessed by the ancient god Moloch and prophesied that he would bring destruction on a massive scale. The Bible said the Anti-Christ would rule for seven years, that he would appear to be ordinary and could be lost in a crowd. No wonder so many pointed the finger at Hitler as the embodiment of the Anti-Christ. New research reveals that the Nazi party went headlong into the abyss of the Occult and was engulfed in the most evil energy in the universe.

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Adolf Hitler: Pure Evil