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17, Albion Street is home to three vulnerable adults with mental health conditions. KEVIN is autistic (pathological demand avoidance syndrome), obsessed with bicycles, football, and washing cars for money. He repeatedly tampers with the bicycle of LUKE JONES, Kevin's favourite support worker at 17, Albion Street and whom Kevin considers his best friend. After repeated warnings not to touch Luke's bike, Kevin's meddling finally causes an accident which puts Luke in the hospital. Kevin now must confront the repercussions of his behaviour as he no longer has Luke around to take him bowling, to football games, and to the park to play football. EARL is a paranoid schizophrenic who is in financial debt to a local wannabe gangster, FRANK LYLE, who demands that Earl steal the safe from 17, Albion Street to repay his debts. Frank takes Kevin bowling so Kevin doesn't spoil the plot to steal the safe. Earl steals the safe but instead of giving it to Frank he goes on the run with the safe in the community hiding from Frank and contemplating his next move, and what to do with the safe? Teddy is autistic, non-verbal, and usually wears a mask. He keeps to his room and has problems with human associations, and is fixated by comic books. The manager of 17, Albion Street insists that Teddy leave his room and spend more time in the community. In the local park, with a support worker by his side, he spies a a young boy reading a comic book, snatches it and runs off and hides in the community. He imagines himself a comic book hero and eventually encounters an old support worker of 17, Albion Street, DIANA, whom he trusts and who takes him to her home and he becomes a missing person.

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A Safe Place