Is Russia About To Invade Ukraine?

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BusinessInsider - While Russia continues to bang the war drum on Ukraine's doorstep, the US, in coordination with its allies, has since placed 8,500 troops on heightened alert for a potential deployment to eastern Europe, and NATO has similarly sent additional ships and fighter jets to the region as members of the alliance send Ukraine military assistance, including lethal aid. But even in the event Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin gives the order for an invasion of Ukraine, the US and its NATO allies are unlikely to deploy troops in its defense, former US diplomats and experts are now saying. Any US troop deployments would be to NATO countries in the region, not Ukraine specifically, and they'd be sent as a deterrent, meaning they are meant to make Putin think twice about expanding any territorial conquest beyond Ukraine. "I don't think there is an escalation scenario that leads us to a direct confrontation between the US and Russia in Ukraine," Ivo Daalder, the former US ambassador to NATO, told Insider. "Anything is possible, of course," Daalder added. "But clearly the intent of the Biden administration and of NATO is not to be military involved directly in a conflict inside Ukraine. ... There's a pretty big line drawn on direct military engagement of US troops or NATO troops."

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  •  Velshi: Zelenskyy’s U.S. trip underscores the point that the war in Ukraine is not over link
    Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy had a week of diplomacy at the U.N., in Washington DC and in Canada. He secured extra military aid and solidified himself as a serious world leader. It may be difficult to recall today, but at the onset of Russia's war on Ukraine, some doubted Zelenskyy's leadership and his ability to fight for his country. And that’s partly thanks to Former President Donald Trump and that so-called “perfect phone call”. Now, a year and seven months since Russia's invasion, Zelenskyy has emerged as a global symbol for self-determination.
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