New Sanctions On Russia

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CNN - Pres. Biden today described the events that are now underway in Ukraine as “the beginning of a Russian invasion” as he unveiled tough new sanctions to punish Moscow. Biden laid out what he called a “first tranche” of US sanctions against Russia for its moves, including on two large financial institutions, Russian sovereign debt and Russian elites and their family members. Biden explained that the moves would effectively “cut off Russia’s government from Western finance.” The Pres. remains hopeful for the possibility that diplomacy could still defuse the crisis, and said the US would remain open to talking with Russia and its partners to avert all-out war. “The United States and our allies and partners remain open to diplomacy, if it is serious,” Biden said. “When all is said and done, we’re going to judge Russia by its actions, not its words.”

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  • Ukraine top prosecutor: Russia needs to be held accountable for 'more than 65,000' war crimes link
    “More than 65,000” war crimes have been reported in Ukraine since the start of Russia’s invasion. Ukrainian Prosecutor General Andriy Kostin joins Andrea Mitchell to explain how Ukraine is planning on holding Russia accountable. “We need to document because we need Russia, as the country, and Russian representatives of Russian Armed Forces to be accountable for war crimes they committed," says Kostin. "This is not only for justice for the victims and survivors of these war crimes; this is for the sake of justice for the whole world, because this war is more of democracy against tyranny.”
  • Russia steps up attacks in eastern Ukraine l GMA link
    ABC News’ Tom Soufi Burridge reports on the latest developments on Russia’s war in Ukraine.
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